Here at BioCoreTek, we take pride in innovation on two fronts: biological and technological. We study the human body in hope of not only curing disease but also improving it. We also research novel uses of technology in fields like cybernectics, haptics and artificial intelligence. We envision a future where these two disciplines are fully intertwined.

BioCoreTek is expanding. We are recruiting the following positions:

Molecular Biologist

System Administrator

Security Agent

Recruiting will take place on:

Friday, October 30th 2015

To register, email a list of your team members, a team name and a desired timeslot to

# Time Team Name Team Members
1 10:45 am Murder Pumpkins Andy, Kamran, Andre, Arnaud, Sarah
2 11:30 am Penguin Blood Atta, Frank F, Frank T, Joswel, Simon, George B
3 12:15 pm The ReAnmiators I Mike E, Chris W, Mohammed A, Liz T, Oleks P
4 1:45 pm Executioners Nathan D, Warren G, Paul P, Leann V, Darryl T, Brian K
5 2:30 pm The ReAnimators II Eric S, Kelvin H, Mary G, Samraj S
6 3:15 pm The Terminators Lou, Michael G, Amir, Derek, Darina, Brookes
7 4:00 pm The Walking Jays Gino C, Mahrie B, Irina F, Mark A, Dale K
8 4:45 pm
9 5:30 pm


Your first day of BioCoreTek is not what you expected. You and the other new recruits must work together to complete a mission in time. Your life depends on it! The team to successfully complete and survive their first day at BioCoreTek in the shortest time will be hired.


  • Group Size: 3-6
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Location: 11th Floor Quiet Room Hallway


  • Each person will be assigned a role
  • Each person will be assigned one or more tools for their role
  • All tools and clues will be used solve at most one puzzle
  • All items marked with the BioCoreTek logo and words 'Out of Game' are NOT part of the game, do not touch them
  • When you complete a puzzle, leave the clue or tool used near the puzzle
  • If you die, you can remain in the room as an observer but cannot talk or interact with people or objects
  • Handle props and contraptions with care
  • No in/out privileges
  • You must exit the game from the entrance
  • No cellphones, electronic or manual devices
  • Your team will receive one clue card. You may use it at any point during the game to be given one direct hint. Bring it to the entrance to receive your clue.
  • Do not discuss the game with anyone else until the last group has completed!


  • You will receive points for each puzzle completed
  • You will lose points for each infraction made
  • Once every team has completed, you can see a detailed report of your score

Review each team's performance during the recruiting process.

Rank Team Name Time Remaining Percentage Completed

Log entry CTD-120602
Incident Threat Level: Indigo Omega
Location: Lab 5-G


Agent J Special Investigations

On or around the approximate date of [REDACTED] an Indigo Omega level incident occurred within Lab 5-G at the primary research facility of BioCoreTek.

Primary Scientific Investigations officers have concluded that Dr. Jerry VanSetter was directly involved in the incident, as well as several new hires whom had just started their first day at BioCoreTek.

After being briefed by Dr. [REDACTED] a contamination breach occurred and protocol KA-452 was initiated:

Infectious Agent
  • In case of accidental release of an infectious agent, you are required to immunize yourself and exit the building.
  • Retrieve the broad spectrum antidote from the closest medical dispensary.
  • The antidote will provide protection against any infectious agent for a period of 24 hours after injection.
  • The antidote will cure any infection if administered within 12 hours of infection.
  • No employee will be allowed to exit the facility without proof of immunization.

After Dr. [REDACTED] had left to man the decontamination airlock, the new hires were left on their own to deal with the situation. Unfortunately, the briefing room had just undergone an IT makeover, and new equipment was installed, but not all items were back in place as the IT team were busy dealing with a router caught in a temporal aperture where packets were being routed before they were requested (please see ‘Quantum UDP” and Protocol TT-109 for further info). This meant the new hires would have had to turn on the newly repaired monitor to see the login page for the current lab project. Once they had the login page, the new hires would then have to connect to the local thin client by the USB extension provided. One of the IT upgrades in process was migrating all the keyboards from the older PS/2 connections to USB. The new hires would have had to find a USB keyboard to enter anything into the thin terminal.

Access to Level 5, where Lab 5-G was located (this was clearly marked on the map adjacent to the briefing room), was secured with the standard lockbox and Daily Access Code that any System Administrator with an alphanumeric keycard could decode. Unfortunately, someone had torn the Daily Access Code and as per protocol, a cleaning robot would have picked up the torn section and placed it in the nearest recycling receptacle (in this case, inside the briefing room). With the two halves of the Daily Access Code (F1-C5-D3-J2), the system administrator could cross reference the code (X7F8) and the lockbox could be opened with the numeric button translation (9738), providing access to Level 5. Utilizing a doorstop would enable the team of new hires to pass more easily between the briefing room and Level 5.

Before entering Level 5, the new hires could observe any danger via the surveillance camera. Once inside Level 5, one security agent unholstered their weapon (the forms 8d, 256b and Release 847 were filled out in triplicate -- files can be furnished on request). As they approached Lab 5-G someone inside the lab (presumably Dr. VanSetter) placed a ‘Help Me’ sign on the viewing port window, obscuring the view into the lab. Luckily, there was a Utility Mechanical Elevation Device (otherwise known as a ‘step-stool’) in the briefing room under the desk, so the team could see over the ‘Help Me’ sign. Looking into the lab using the standard issue security flashlight, the team would have seen some things written on the whiteboard Dr. VanSetter was using in the lab. Before Dr. VanSetter was overcome by the experiment he was working on, he had the presence of mind to scrawl the combination password for the nearby medical dispensary. At this point, the new hires did not break the quarantine of Lab 5-G as they had no way to inoculate the occupant.

In order to make use of the medical dispensary the team would have to determine what the current project name was, and reference the proper password from the sheet the systems administrator was provided. In this case, the login screen featured a molecule and the background text nomenclature C8H10N4O2. Looking up the nomenclature in the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics in the molecular biologist's possession would have given a diagram cross-reference to the proper project name: caffeine. On the systems administrator password sheet, the password provided was: 5F?-wpd%uH.

Once entered into the login page, the team had access to logs and other information about the work Dr. VanSetter was doing, as well as the remote unlock for medical dispensaries in the facility. Observing the Dispensary (known around the lab as ‘The Tube’) the team noticed the identifier for the closest Dispensary (in this case L5-4721). Combining the Dispenser box number and the box code Dr. VanSetter provided 3176, the antidote should have been released. There is always a stockpile of antidotes therefore there was no need to mix your own.

Once the team had the antidote and inoculated themselves, the molecular biologist opened Lab 5-G with their lab key, and provided the antidote to Dr. VanSetter, also curing him in the process. Once all employees were inoculated with the antidote, they all exited Level 5, and proceeded to the decontamination airlock where Dr. [REDACTED] and Special Agent [REDACTED] discharged them before requiring an escalation to initiate a self destruct sequence, and averted a potentially disastrous outbreak.

It is my opinion that the team of new hires should be promoted to Level Heliotrope Delta and posted to the Hebrides facilities to work on Project [REDACTED] -- they most certainly prevented an escalation incident of global proportions. A less experienced team may have overreacted by terminating Dr. VanSetter preemptively or terminating their entire team when faced with the fear of a gruesome death.


Founded in 1947, BioCoreTek has a long history of medical and technological achievements.

Pioneers in inoculation, BioCoreTek not only developed vaccines, it also engineered efficient methods of mass distribution.


Today, BioCoreTek operates under two major sub divisions: biology and technology. We employ the world's top scientists and engineers.


We anticipate that BioCoreTek will be at the forefront of the advances to the human race. We foresee the merging of biology and technology taking us into a new era.