Here at BioCoreTek, we take pride in innovation on two fronts: biological and technological. We study the human body in hope of not only curing disease but also improving it. We also research novel uses of technology in fields like cybernetics, haptics and artificial intelligence. We envision a future where these two disciplines are fully integrated.

In the last decade, BioCoreTek launched its own space station: The Aura. One hundred and two employees live and work aboard the station. The unique environment offered in outer space facilitate experiments that are not possible in Earth's atmosphere.

As part of a government mandate, an external team must be hired to perform a full review of the space station every two years. BioCoreTek is currently recruiting a team with the following individuals to perform this review:

Communication Specialist

Aerospace Engineer

Security Agent

The investigation will take place on:

Monday, October 31st 2016

To apply, email a list of your team members, a team name and a desired timeslot to

# Time Team Name Team Members
1 10:45 am TBS (To Be Scared) Lou N, Michael G, Amanda M, Frank T, Steve B
2 11:30 am Travelers Frank F, Simon H, Sean M, Kashif H, Nick O, Jose F
3 12:15 pm Stayin' alive Mariya K, Mahrie B, Patricia F, Irina F, Nelish L, Brian K
- 12:50 pm - 1:10pm Open House Non-participants can visit the room.
4 1:45 pm Better Dead than Zed Kamran A, Andre F, Sarah W, Tina L, Kaitlyn F, Alex B
5 2:30 pm under-appreciated Leann V, Nathan D, Hitesh M, Warren G, Mohamad M, Ozayr A
6 3:15 pm Avengers Mark A, Temu D, Jennifer S, Robin A, Luis L
7 4:00 pm
8 4:45 pm Awesome Possum Eric S, Kelvin H, Richard G, Mary G, Muhammad A, Daniel S


Your team has been chosen to conduct the full investigation of BioCoreTek's space station: The Aura. Your team must work together to complete the investigation and return to Earth in the allotted time. Stay safe.


  • Group Size: 3-6
  • Length: 30 minutes
  • Location: 11th Floor FLL Boardroom


  • Each person will be assigned a role
  • Each person may be assigned one or more tools for their role
  • All tools and clues will be used to solve at most one puzzle
  • All items marked with the BioCoreTek logo and words 'Out of Game' are NOT part of the game, do not touch them
  • When you complete a puzzle, leave the clue or tool used near the puzzle
  • If you die, you can remain in the room as an observer but cannot talk or interact with people or objects
  • Handle props and contraptions with care
  • No in/out privileges
  • You must exit the game from the entrance
  • No cellphones, electronic or manual devices
  • Your team will receive one clue card. You may use it at any point during the game to be given one direct hint. Bring it to the entrance to receive your clue.
  • Do not discuss the game with anyone else until the last group has completed!


  • You will receive points for each puzzle completed
  • You will lose points for each infraction made
  • Once every team has completed, you can see a detailed report of your score


Review each team's performance during the recruiting process.

Rank Team Name Time Remaining Percentage Completed

Log entry MLTD-120602
Incident Threat Level: Vermilion Alpha
Location: SpaceLab Aura


Agent D Special Investigations

On or around the approximate date of [REDACTED] a Vermilion Alpha level incident occurred within SpaceLab Aura at the extra-planetary research facility of BioCoreTek. The Aura station had been out of contact for 4 days, 6 hours and 52 minutes. An investigation team was required to assess the situation on the assets on the Aura.

Primary Scientific Investigations officers have concluded that an extinction level incident, is imminent. Three of our field agents acting as shuttle crew as well as an external team of specialists were deployed to the Aura Station.

After being briefed by Agent [REDACTED] the specialist team was transported to the Aura and started their investigation.

Upon entering the Station, Agent [REDACTED] noted that the Aura AI was not operational on the station systems. The Agent rebooted the system and the AI began to run system diagnostics.

Based on the recovered logs from the station, the first incident was an oxygen cycle malfunction that required an oxygen bypass. By rerouting The Primary conduit 12-76to Secondary conduit 27-53 the oxygen cycle was restored.

The specialist team report that a notebook was found that had notes from the prior station crew, indicating that there was some malfunction that required disabling the antenna array. The external antenna array hatch had been locked with a crude antique lock with the combination 50-20-34.

Once in the external antenna service passage, the team discovered that the primary antenna attenuator had been disassembled. Once the attenuator was properly re-aligned and calibrated, the attenuation settings had to be entered into the main console: asterisk, paper-plane, plus-square, magnet.

Upon reactivating the uplink to Earth, a transmission from Admiral Sternn of the BioCoreTek Elite Corps was broadcast to the team on the station, informing them that their primary mission was no longer investigation, but rather acquisition -- the AI chip needed to be removed from the interface medium in the main core processor and returned to Earth.

According to the logs, immediately after the transmission there was a high amount of interference in the AI matrix; a secondary layer of AI convolution and annealing was suspected. A cryptic message was provided from the AI enciphered with a code that the specialist team cracked: ELEMENT PRODUCT. Upon deciphering the code, the AI disabled the radiation shields on the Aura, just as a plasma stream from a solar flare passed over the station.

As radiation levels were reaching critical levels, the fast thinking specialists made use of the Manual Override Interface for the shields. Curiously, the AI matrix performed an analysis on the plasma stream and announced that the following elements were found: Hydrogen, Carbon, Potassium, and Iron.

Our AI specialists postulate that even though the AI matrix was corrupt, it was still following the primary directives encoded into the system, but the AI is not prohibited from insinuating forbidden information. Combining the solution from the prior cypher, and the list of elements, the intrepid specialists induced that the ELEMENT PRODUCT was Hydrogen: 1 * Carbon 6 * Potassium 19 * Iron 26 = 2964 -- which turns out to be the lock-box code for the central core key.

Upon opening the central core, the AI triggered the station auto-destruct sequence, and it is hypothesised that this was in an effort to prevent the team from returning to chip to Earth.

The specialists then retrieved the AI chip from the interface medium, and returned on the shuttle to earth.

Unfortunately, as soon as the chip was interfaced with an Earthbound computer, it was discovered that the chip was infected with some sort of alien AI, and it destroyed all of the interconnected systems on the Earth.

In retrospect, the ideal solution would have been to incinerate the AI chip.

As the world is now plunged into the chaos of a sudden dark ages with no electricity, BioCoreTek has high hopes for project [REDACTED] which should allow [REDACTED] to finally [REDACTED] with [REDACTED].

Console - Reboot

Console - AI Diagnostic

Console - Schematics

Command Console

Command Deck

Life Support System

Console - Life Support Bypass

Console - Network Connection

Console - Network Transmission

External Hatch

Antenna Attenuator - Misaligned

Antenna Attenuator - Aligned

Console - Cipher Text

Console - Shields Element Analysis

Console - Self Destruct

Cipher Key

Shields - Manual Override

Core Processor - Closed

Core Processor - Open

Core Processor - Interface Medium

AI Chip



Founded in 1947, BioCoreTek has a long history of medical and technological achievements.

Pioneers in inoculation, BioCoreTek not only developed vaccines, it also engineered efficient methods of mass distribution.


Today, BioCoreTek operates under two major sub divisions: biology and technology. We employ the world's top scientists and engineers.


We anticipate that BioCoreTek will be at the forefront of the advances to the human race. We foresee the merging of biology and technology taking us into a new era.